Parasite Diseases

Parasites have been found to derive protection from other living organisms which are referred to as host cells. They are able to live, reproduce and obtain nutrients from the infected host. Please view our complete list of parasite diseases ELISA kits.

Parasites are organisms which are known to derive protection from other living organisms (known as hosts). These organisms obtain nutrients, live and even reproduce in the tissues or organs of the infected host. Many parasite infections are spread from host to host through the consumption of contaminated food or water and they are most frequent in areas where hygiene and sanitation are poor. There are also some parasites (hookworm) that can enter the skin through contact with contaminated dirt, whereas other such as malaria are transmitted by arthrop vectors. It is very rarely that they are transmitted via blood transfusions, shared needles or congenitally from mother to fetus.

There are 3 types of parasites: protozoa, helminths (worms), and ectoparasites (scabies and lice). Protozoa and helminths infections are responsible for substantial morbidity and mortality throughout the world. Some parasites are endemic in developing countries for example pinworm, enterobius vermicularis, toxoplasma gondii, trichomonas vaginalis, giardia intestinalis (lamblia) and cryptosporidium spp.

Parasitic infections are definitively diagnosed by identifying the parasites in the host tissue or excreta, in many cases this is not possible if the parasite disease is located in deep tissue. A more invasive approach may be required which could put the patient under more risk. Immunoassay detection can provide a useful non-invasive method to indicate whether an individual has or has not been infected by a particular parasite disease.




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