Endocrinology is the medical specialty focusing on hormones and the endocrine system which regulates most of the body's physiological processes.

Metalloproteins have diverse and critical functions, any defects can lead to serious disorders that can affect essential biological functions.

Alpha MSH plays a vital role in various physiological processes, for example, pigmentation process, modulating immune responses, reducing infection and it is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. We will look at the; structure, function, expression, role in appetite regulation, signalling pathways and clinical application for this molecule.

ANP and BNP are used cardiac markers for the diagnosis and management of cardiovascular diseases (e.g. hypertension and coronary artery disease). They have been used to predict adverse outcomes and guide treatment decisions.

Endocrine diagnostics can be described as a process that is used to detect and manage various endocrine disorders. It is a rapidly evolving field and there are new tool being identified constantly. In order to achieve effective treatment it is essential to make an early and accurate diagnosis.

Growth factors are important tools in modern medicine because they can stimulate the growth and repair of tissues and organs. They are used in a variety of medical treatments, including wound healing, tissue repair, and cancer therapy.

Getting the right ELISA dilution ratio are important factor when designing an assay, this will help in maximising the specificity and sensitivity of the assay and thereby lead to accurate and reliable results being generated.

What is antibody cross-reactivity, how to determine it, what are the different factors affecting it, how to avoid it and why it is essential to have no cross reactivity.

Immunoassays can be used to detect a wide range of substances that may be present in a variety of samples. It is a highly specific, sensitive and easy to use procedure. These assays are frequently used in various applications, for example: medical diagnostics, environmental testing, and food safety.

A complete guide to sample preparation for ELISA analysis. It is vital to prepare samples correctly in order to obtain accurate ELISA test results.

Enzyme immunoassay and radioimmunoassay are highly specific and sensitive procedure that rely on the formation of antibody to antigen complex. However, ELISA uses enzymes whereas RIA uses radioisotopes for detecting the antibody-antigen complex.

The ELISA kit procedure is commonly used for many different types of applications, these can include: diagnosis protocols, detection of cancer, the development of vaccines, food allergen safety testing and pregnancy testing.

Apoptosis is a protective mechanism to eliminate cells that are diseased, damaged or no longer required. The detection of early markers is vital in helping to prevent the formation of pre-cancerous cells.

Many different influenza virus testing methods are available. These procedures will vary in their sensitivity and specificity, which will be predominately based on various factors.

There are many different tumor markers that are rapidly being discovered. These biomarkers help to enhance our understanding how cancers function within body.

There are over 100 different types of autoimmune diseases. These can be caused by many different factors such as past infections, obesity, family history, age, gender type, environmental and genetic.

Biomarkers play a fundamental role is generating information that enables better understanding of the disease process and how certain drugs function in order to combat specific diseases. Diagnosis as early as possible is essential in order to provide an effective treatment program.

Mycotoxins are classified as a family of poisonous secondary metabolites that are produced from specific moulds. ELISA kit screening procedures for detecting mycotoxins offer the advantages of being highly sensitive and specific, provide results rapidly and very simple to use.


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