Toxocara Canis IgG ELISA Kit

Full Name: Toxocara Canis IgG ELISA Kit
Reactivity: Human
Sample Type: Serum
Sensitivity: > 98.0%


Toxocara canis (also called dog roundworm) is a worldwide helminth parasite of dogs and many other canids animals. Also, it is possible for them to infest human where it is an intermediate host and in some causes it can result in many different syndromes. T. canis are gonochoristic adult worms which are yellow-white in colour, approx. 9-18 cm and usually tend to be found in the intestine of the infected host. In cases where toxocara eggs are ingested, migrate to the bowel where they are able to hatch in order to become larvae.

The majority of cases display no symptoms and the larvae does not develop any further and eventually die (since humans are not the host species). Some of the symptoms include fever, stomach pain and cough, treatment is rarely needed for these cases.  Very rarely the toxocara larvae is able to travel out of the guts into the lungs, brain, liver and eyes. This is a much more serious case and symptoms such as weight loss, tiredness, inflamed/painful eye, cloudy/blurred vision, breathing difficulty, rashes and seizures can be experienced. This can be treated with anthelmintics in order to kill the larvae and the chances of full recovery are very high.


Human toxocara canis IgG ELISA kit is designed for measuring in-vitro levels of IgG antibodies against toxocara canis using (toxocara-IgG) using human serum samples. This assay has a minimum analytical sensitivity limit of > 98.0%.


All reagents supplied need to be stored at 2 °C – 8 °C, unopened reagents will retain reactivity until expiration date. Do not use reagents beyond this date.

  • Toxocara Canis Coated Microplate (IgG).
  • Positive Control.
  • Cut-off Control.
  • Negative Control.
  • Sample Dilution Buffer.
  • Protein A Conjugate.
  • TMB Substrate Solution.
  • Washing Buffer (20x Conc.).
  • Stop Solution.


The minimum detection sensitivity level of human IgG antibodies to toxocara canis (toxocara IgG) using current toxocara-IgG ELISA kit was greater than 98.0%. The dynamic range for this assay is to a specific cut-off point.


– Negative: < 9 U
– Equivocal: 9 – 11 U
– Cut-Off: 10 U
– Positive: > 11 U
– Diagnostic Specificity: 98.63%
– Diagnostic Sensitivity: 96.92%
– Cross Reactivity: Cross reactivity with antibodies against Ascaris lumbricoides and Schistosoma cannot be excluded.
– Interferences: No Interferences using lipemic, haemolytic and icteric samples.


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Your secretory IgA ELISA gave good results and I was also really impressed with how quickly we received it.

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I am a first time user and found that your instruction manual was very easy to follow. The insulin ELISA assay performed well and I was happy with the results that were generated.

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I carried out a pilot study comparing the performance of many ELISA assay's from different suppliers and found your kits to be one of the better performers. We observed good linearity and tight replicates.

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You are my first point of contact when I am looking to purchase ELISA. You have such an easy and simple system, yet it is very effective.

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