Human IGFBP-2 ELISA kit is a reliable quantitative procedure for measuring insulin like growth factor binding protein 2 (IGFBP2, IGFBP-2) in human serum, plasma, CSF, saliva and other body fluids. This assay has a minimum sensitivity detection limit of 0.2 ng/ml.


Insulin like growth factor binding protein 2 (IGFBP2) is an unglycosylated 31.3kDa polypetide protein which shows no circadian rhythm in circulation and forms binary IGF-complexes. The IGFBP2 concentration in blood is age-dependent and the serum concentration is found to increase during fasting state, after trauma, after any major surgery and in malignant diseases.

It is most intensive in malignant diseases where the correlation of the IGFBP-2 level to the degree of progression can be a striking feature in a number of different tumour types as is the normalisation of the IGFBP serum levels after remission. During the GH-therapy, for example in GH abuse (doping) and in short stature the human IGFBP-2 levels have been found to decrease. Also, in trisomy 18 IGFBP-2 in maternal serum is decreased and IGFBP-1 is increased, this allows the ratio IGFBP-2 /IGFBP-1 to be a good indicator/marker for chromosome abnormality.


All reagents supplied need to be stored at 2 °C – 8 °C, unopened reagents will retain reactivity until expiration date. Do not use reagents beyond this date.

  • Microtiter Plate: Coated with anti-IGFBP-2 antibody.
  • Standards A-E: Lyophilized, containing human IGFBP-2, concentrations 2, 10, 20, 40, 80 ng/ml.
  • Dilution Buffer.
  • Control Serum (KS1) And Control Serum (KS2): Lyophilized. Contains human IGFBP-2 antibody.
  • Washing Buffer (20x Concentrated).
  • TMB Substrate.
  • Stopping Solution.
  • Sealing Tape: To cover microtiter plate.


The minimum sensitivity detection limit of human insulin like growth factor binding protein 2 (IGFBP-2, IGFBP2) using current IGFBP-2 ELISA kit was approximately 0.02 ng/ml. The dynamic range for this assay is 2.0 – 80.0 ng/ml.


– Insulin Like Growth Factor 2 (IGFBP-2, IGFBP2): ELISA
– Analytical Sensitivity: 0.2 ng/ml
– Interference: None
– Recovery: 100 – 112%
– Intra Assay Variation: 137 – 956 ng/ml
– Inter Assay Variation: 311 – 698 ng/ml
– Linearity Of Dilution: 415 – 1055 ng/ml
– Specificity: Highly specific for human IGFBP-2, low cross reaction with cat, dog, goat, donkey and horse. No cross reaction with mouse, rat, guinea pig, rabbit, chicken, pig and sheep. Also, no cross reaction with IGFBP-1 or IGFBP-3.


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  • Full Name: IGFBP-2 ELISA Kit
  • Reactivity: Human
  • Sample Type: Serum, Plasma, Saliva, CSF, Body Fluids
  • Sensitivity: 0.2 ng/ml



Your secretory IgA ELISA gave good results and I was also really impressed with how quickly we received it.

L. Johnston
PhD Student / University of Glasgow

It is refreshing to know that you have a technical team that is very knowledgeable. I have already recommended your company to other researchers in our department.

Dr. P. Anderson
Lecturer / University College London (UCL)

I am a first time user and found that your instruction manual was very easy to follow. The insulin ELISA assay performed well and I was happy with the results that were generated.

J. Thomas
Senior Technician / Addenbrooke’s Hospital

I carried out a pilot study comparing the performance of many ELISA assay's from different suppliers and found your kits to be one of the better performers. We observed good linearity and tight replicates.

Dr. C. Davies
Lead Scientists / AstraZeneca

You are my first point of contact when I am looking to purchase ELISA. You have such an easy and simple system, yet it is very effective.

A. Shaw
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