Folic Acid ELISA Kit

Full Name: Folic Acid ELISA Kit
Sample Type: Food
Sensitivity: 2.0 ng/ml


Folic acid (folate and vitamin B9) is the main B vitamins and it plays a vital role in making the genetic material of cells and is also essential for the growth and development processes. It is also required for carrying out the normal function of the nervous system and it is instrumental in maintaining emotional wellbeing. It’s important to make sure you get enough folate every day because if you are deficient levels of folate may cause depression, memory loss, behavioral changes, and even anemia.

Other important roles of folic acid include helping to maintain a healthy nervous system and forming of red blood cells which are needed to transport oxygen around the body. These wide range of functions makes folic acid a key vitamin for cell growth and metabolism. Supplements have also been used to treat many different types of anaemia, folate deficiencies are common in people having kidney or liver disease, digestive problems and individuals who abuse alcohol.

The following assay offers a quick alternative to measure folic acid in supplemented foods. Providing a result in 2-4 hours when compared to 24-48 hours using some of the traditional techniques. Some of the traditional methods used for analysis include microbiological, HPLC and TLC, however, these involve complex equipment and are relatively time consuming.


Folic acid ELISA kit can be used to determine quantitative concentrations of folic acid (vitamin B9, folate) in food. This assay has a minimum analytical sensitivity limit of 2.0 ng/ml.


All reagents supplied need to be stored at 2 °C – 8 °C, unopened reagents will retain reactivity until expiration date. Do not use reagents beyond this date.

  • Microtiter Plate: Coated with folic acid conjugate.
  • Folic Acid Standards 1-6: Concentration 0, 4, 10, 40, 100, 400 ng/ml.
  • Anti-Folic Acid Antibody (Mouse).
  • Conjugate (Anti-Mouse-IgG-HRP).
  • Substrate Solution (TMB).
  • Stop Solution.
  • Sample Diluent (PBS).
  • Washing Solution (10x Concentrate).
  • Instruction Manual.


The minimum detection sensitivity level of vitamin B9 and folate using current folic acid ELISA kit was 2.0 ng/ml. The standard range for this assay is 4.0 – 400.0 ng/ml.


– Sensitivity: 2 ng/ml
– Intra-Assay Precision: 3%
– Linearity: 90 – 110%
– Cross Reactivity: Relative to folic acid (=100 %): Dihydrofolic acid (18%), Tetrahydrofolic acid (5%), 5-Formyltetrahydrofolic acid (0.1%).


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Your secretory IgA ELISA gave good results and I was also really impressed with how quickly we received it.

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I am a first time user and found that your instruction manual was very easy to follow. The insulin ELISA assay performed well and I was happy with the results that were generated.

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I carried out a pilot study comparing the performance of many ELISA assay's from different suppliers and found your kits to be one of the better performers. We observed good linearity and tight replicates.

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You are my first point of contact when I am looking to purchase ELISA. You have such an easy and simple system, yet it is very effective.

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