Cadherin-11 (CDH11) ELISA Kit

  • Created on the 26 April, 2017.


Human cadherin-11 ELISA kit is designed for determining in vitro quantitative amounts of cadherin-11 (CAD-11, CDH11) in human plasma, serum, other biological fluids, cell culture supernatant and cell lysates. This assay has a minimum sensitivity limit of 0.025 ng/ml.


Cadherin-11 (CDH11 or CAD11) is a type II classical cadherin which is an integral membrane protein that is responsible for mediating calcium dependent cell-cell adhesion. It is composed of a single membrane-spanning domain, a highly conserved cytoplasmic c-terminal and an N-terminal extracellular domain. It is expressed in a number of normal tissues that are mesodermal in origin such as osteoblasts, brain or kidney and in many tumors of the kidney, stomach, breast, colon and bone. There is also evidence that it may be differentially expressed in the embryonic brain or could be vital in the regulation of neural development. The expression of cadherin-11 in osteoblastic cell lines and its ability to upregulate during differentiation has led to the indication of a specific function in bone maintenance and development.

The human CDH-11 contains a unique mRNA splice site which can allow the formation of two forms of the protein (a full-length 796 amino acid protein and a COOH terminus-truncated variant of 693 amino acid protein). The full-length human and mouse cadherin-11 are known to share approx. 97% amino acid homology and the truncated variant have a unique cytoplasmic region which is the result of a frameshift event. The mammalian CDH-11 homologues are usually referred to as calsyntenin. CDH11 has been found to interact with CDH2, it is known to be overexpressed in more 15% of breast cancers and also essential for tumor progression in many other cancer types. The following cadherin-11 ELISA kit procedure is ideal for many different diagnostic applications.


The minimum detection sensitivity level of CDH11 and CAD11 using current human cadherin-11 ELISA kit was 0.025 ng/ml. The dynamic range for this assay is 0.5 – 20 ng/ml.


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  • Full Name: Cadherin-11 (CDH11) ELISA Kit
  • Reactivity: Human
  • Sample Type: Serum, Cell Culture Supernatant, Cell Lysates, Plasma, Other Biological Fluids
  • Sensitivity: 0.025 ng/ml



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