Beta-2 Microglobulin (B2M) ELISA Kit

  • Created on the 11 May, 2017.


Human beta-2 microglobulin ELISA kit is designed to analyse in vitro quantitative concentrations of ß2-microglobulin (B2M, beta-2-microglobulin) in human serum, plasma and urine samples. This assay has a minimum sensitivity limit of 0.1 µg/ml.


Beta-2 microglobulin (also known as B2M) is a small membrane protein which is associated to the heavy chains of MHC class 1 and therefore can be found on the surfaces of all nucleated cells (except red blood cells). Due to the fact that they are small, this allows them to pass through the glomerular membrane but large quantities of the protein are almost completely reabsorbed by the proximal tubules. Serum levels of beta-2 microglobulin are found to be elevated in diseases which are linked with an increase in cell turnover. There are also evidence indicating elevated levels present in several benign conditions for example renal dysfunction, liver disease, chronic inflammation, some acute viral infections and a number of malignancies.

Beta-2 microglobulin is a useful tumour marker for a number of blood cell cancers. It is not intended for the diagnostic of a specific disease, but instead it is associated with the amount of cancer that is present (i.e. tumour burden) and more importantly can be used to provide further information about patient prognosis. It is also often used to help to determine the severity and spread (stage) of multiple myeloma and in some cases provide an aid to evaluate the disease activity and the effectiveness of any treatment given. The measurement of beta2-microglobulin in plasma and serum samples can aid in the clinical assessment of the activation of a tumor marker and the cellular immune system. The urine values indicate a number of renal filtration disorders, since the molecule is not stable in urine for a long time due the acid pH-values. ß2-microglobulin is synthesized in the lymphatic system and its measurement in serum and urine can determine the differentiation between a disturbance of the kidney function and an activation of the lymphatic system. The following beta-2 microglobulin ELISA kit is ideal for various types of diagnostic applications.


The minimum detection sensitivity level of human beta-2-microglobulin (ß2-microglobulin) using current B2M ELISA kit was 0.1 µg/ml. The dynamic range for this assay is 0.75 – 12.0 µg/ml.


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  • Full Name: Beta-2 Microglobulin (B2M) ELISA Kit
  • Reactivity: Human
  • Sample Type: Serum, Urine, Plasma
  • Sensitivity: 0.1 µg/ml



Your secretory IgA ELISA kit gave good results and I was also really impressed with how quickly we received it.

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It is refreshing to know that you have a technical team that is very knowledgeable. I have already recommended your company to other researchers in our department.

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I am a first time user and found that your instruction manual was very easy to follow. The insulin ELISA kit performed well and I was happy with the results that were generated.

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I carried out a pilot study comparing the performance of many ELISA kits from different suppliers and found your kits to be one of the better performers. We observed good linearity and tight replicates.

Dr. C. Davies
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You are my first point of contact when I am looking to purchase ELISA kits. You have such an easy and simple system, yet it is very effective.

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